Individual donations:

Probably the most widely used form of direct assistance is a financial donation. Thanks to the donations the foundation can carry out its mission and bring specific assistance where it is needed the most.

Donations can be made as a one-time occurrence or on a regular basis. A frequently used method of regular support is the establishment of a monthly contribution that is then sent in specified time intervals (such as once per month) to the foundation’s primary account:

2323232323/2700, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.
IBAN: CZ2827000000002323232323

Regular or one-time donors always have the right to a donation document (the evidence of donation). The foundation will be happy to issue it promptly after the amount in question has been credited to the foundation’s account and the donor has provided his/her basic information for the document’s issuing.

Corporate donations:

In the area of corporate donations, the Tereza Maxová Foundation strives to carry out the following priorities:

  • establish an open, honest discussion with the donor about the intentions of the support,
  • establish a targeted assistance strategy,
  • secure the maximum effectiveness and transparency of the redistributed funds,
  • provide feedback to the donor regarding how the donation was used specifically.

The foundation acts as the administrator of the entrusted donation, not as its owner. It is therefore very important to the foundation for the owner to be able to influence the direction of support, which is completely in accordance with the foundation’s mission and priorities.

In case of interest in long-term strategic support of one or more of the foundation’s key priority areas, we offer donors the establishment of a so called special corporate fund. The benefit of a corporate fund is their targeting, exclusivity and individual setup that reflects the nature of the partnership. The foundation currently administers five corporate funds.

In addition to corporate funds, the Tereza Maxová Foundation also administers three regional funds. These funds are open to companies that are active in the given region. The foundation guarantees the transparent distribution of entrusted funds via open grant proceedings within the given region and the securing of specific assistance to children at the local level.

If the donor would like to invest the funds into one selected activity, the foundation presents an offering of specific projects to the prospective donor. These projects are implemented by verified non-profit partner organizations. The foundation then becomes the guarantor of quality and custom-tailored cooperation.

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