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we would like to share with you examples of projects in the area of Prevention that were supported within the grant proceedings. Prevention means primarily working with a problematic biological family and trying to rescue it by offering consultancy, assistance, field and other services with a sole goal – to prevent the necessity of putting the child into institutional care or to create conditions for the child’s return from institutional care into their family.

Examples of projects:

Kolpingova rodina Praha 8

Funded project: Helping mothers living in a shelter to develop parenting and social competences

Project objectives:

Many mothers living in the Kolping House were neglected or even tortured during their childhood. They lacked a safe family and their parents were not good role models from whom they could learn the habits needed for their own successful motherhood. Some grew up in orphanages and experienced violence. There is a danger that their children will go through something similar. A risky life style, domestic violence, and crime are phenomena that are often passed on from generation to generation. The children of mothers from shelters are at risk of emotional deprivation, social exclusion, and poverty. Their mothers, however, are interested in learning how to raise their children and how to understand their needs, which is why they sought the help of the Kolping House. A long-term stay there gives them an opportunity to reverse the odds that their child will suffer from social exclusion. They have to accept the programme, in which they learn to understand the needs of their child, to deal with new duties, to communicate with the child, and to be a caring parent.

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Help-in, o.p.s. Bruntál

Funded project: We want to be with Mum and Dad

Project objectives:

The implementation of the project will prevent or minimize the necessity of making institutional care orders for 25-50 children from roughly 25 dysfunctional families living in the region for which the Bruntál Municipal Authority exercises extended public administration competences. Individual family assistance in families endangered by social dysfunction or in families that already exhibit symptoms of social dysfunction should improve and subsequently stabilize the situation so that the aforementioned legal steps need not be taken or can be reversed.

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Dětské krizové centrum, o.s. (DKC)

Funded project: The road from the hell of the CAN syndrome

Project objectives:

The project will provide funds for the salaries of the professional staff of the DKC and the operating costs of the outpatient facility of psychosocial assistance, which focuses on professional assistance for tortured, abused, and neglected children and children in difficult life situations. This assistance consists mainly of providing emergency help, protecting the child against further attacks, offering subsequent care (therapy), supporting social skills, improving family relations, correcting distorted attitudes, and taking care of the whole family system in order to prevent the child from having to leave the family.

Nadační podpora zahrnovala mzdové prostředky na odborné pracovníky DKC a provozní náklady ambulantního zařízení psychosociální pomoci.

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Oblastní charita Most

Funded project: Children in danger

Project objectives:

The project aims at using professional social interaction to improve the family care of children who are in danger of having to leave their biological families. They are mostly children with a social or health handicap who live in the Family in Need shelter or children who are already in institutional care. The main objectives of the project are social consulting, social adaptation, social intervention, facilitating contacts between children in residential care and their biological families, and meetings with motivational programmes for families. Most clients of the shelter have been through institutional care, which has an adverse impact on their children as well. The reason is that they are brought up without basic notions of family life – their mothers cannot give love, care for their children, cook for them, or help them with their schoolwork. These facts harm the future prospects of the children and this handicap becomes their specific problem.

With this project, the Most Regional Charity wants to mitigate the influence of the mothers’ past on their children.

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