CTP Fund of Tereza Maxová Foundation

“Education is one of the values on which you build your entire life. In our Foundation, we strive to ensure that children have enough opportunities and chances to study. That’s why we always like to support them.”

Tereza Maxová, Chair of the Tereza Maxová Foundation Board of Trustees

The aim of the CTP Fund of Tereza Maxová Foundation is to support socially disadvantaged children in their biological or substitute families in the Czech Republic in education and personal development.

Support is provided to children, pupils and students aged 3 to 18 (26) years.

The Fund contributes to improving learning conditions, enhancing motivation for education and developing potential. It supports all related educational activities and costs, including material equipment.

How the Fund helps:

  • The essence of the Fund’s activity lies in providing personalized help to disadvantaged families for individual direct support of their children.
  • The potential of an otherwise healthy family environment for child upbringing is a prerequisite.

Fund rules:

General definitions:

  • Under the Tereza Maxová Foundation’s statute, the Fund falls into grant programmes 1 and 2, i.e. support for children growing up in endangered biological and substitute families.
  • The Fund accepts applications all year round and tries to flexibly respond to children’s needs in education and personal development. The grant procedure takes place once a month. The help mode has been designed to provide children with necessary help as soon and as effectively as possible.
  • The conditions for providing contributions are based on the Tereza Maxová Foundation’s grant rules.
  • Decisions to provide support are made by the grant committee, composed of representatives of CTP and the Tereza Maxová Foundation.

Who can submit an application:

  • Families (full families, single parents and substitute families) whose child is entitled to child benefits.
  • The application concerning a particular child is filed by his/her legal representative.

What can be supported:

The contribution can be used to finance the following:

  • tutoring
  • material needs necessary for education
  • educational and other development activities
  • professional training courses
  • boarding school accommodation
  • transport to school
  • tuition fees
  • psychological support, mentoring
  • school residence events
  • other related activities for the development of the child’s potential

The Fund does not support school meals.

The maximum contribution is CZK 50,000 per year, out of this amount, maximum of CZK 10,000 to support the quality past-time activities.

Where to ask for help:

The Fund Contribution application forms are available HERE

Tereza Maxová Foundation
Josef Trnka
Email: vzdelavani@terezamaxovadetem.cz
Phone: +420 257 474 523, Mobile: +420 734 180 526

Grant committee:

Carolien M.G. Vos Fokkema, CTP
Radka Musilová, CTP
Terezie Sverdlinová, Tereza Maxová Foundation
Jiřina Nachtmannová, Tereza Maxová Foundation
Petra Visscher, Tereza Maxová Foundation

Honorary chairs of the Fund:

Tereza Maxová, Foundation Founder, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Remon Vos, CTP CEO

Tereza Maxová Foundation would like to thank CTP for support and help.
Thank you for your interest. It can make a difference.

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