Accenture Fund of Tereza Maxová Foundation

Accenture Fund of Tereza Maxová Foundation

In 2011, the Accenture Fund has come to a fundamental change in its operation. Thanks to a worldwide initiative “Skills to Succeed,” which has influenced the aim of Accenture´s social responsibility in education of people all around the world, the cooperation targeted implementation of a particular national project – Accenture Academy.

Therefore, the aim of the Accenture Academy project is:

  • Increase in education of young people growing up in institutional care
  • Apprehension of sufficient motivation by an individual approach to the needs of children and youth
  • Offer of study possibilities and prevention against the “conventional” approach to career choice
  • Apprehension of applicable work experience
  • Support in job search

The project is being realized in sixteen children´s homes and currently helps 146 young people.

Accenture Fund account number: 2102390782/2700

Tereza Maxová Foundation would like to hereby thank the company Accenture for its generous support and assistance.

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