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Please allow us to share with you a few sentences spoken by the donors, partners and individuals with which we have the honor to work with on a long-term basis. Thank you for your confidence in us.

Donors and partners

Next year will be the tenth anniversary of the start of our work with the Tereza Maxová Foundation. This is further proof of our respect to the work of this organization and of the mutual trust that has been the foundation for many useful projects and thanks to which hundreds of children received support, whether in education or talent development. The meaningfulness of this activity is confirmed by the long-term growing interest, support and personal participation of our employees in volunteer events. It will be our honor to continue supporting and developing our cooperation with the Tereza Maxová Foundation.

Libor Vaníček, Director of Retail Banking, ING Bank CR

The passion and enthusiasm with which Tereza Maxová helps children is downright infectious. She is open to new ideas and has a good feel for the subject. We are glad that we can work together with her on a long-term basis and contribute to the implementation of the foundation’s beautiful plans at least a little bit with our creativity.

Jan Binar, Director, Mc Cann Erickson Prague

Our partnership with Tereza Maxová is a rare combination of professional interaction and human harmony. Because the focal point of the activities of most of our clients is solely commercial, we greatly appreciate this cooperation with a non-profit organization that visibly contributes to improvements in an area where it is truly necessary.

Daniel Rosický, B.A., LL.B., partner of the PRK Partners law office

Renomia perceives corporate responsibility as one of its key values. We have been supporting Tereza Maxová’s charitable activities on a long-term basis and we particularly value the specific and targeted assistance to underprivileged children.

Mgr. Pavel Nepala, Managing partner Renomia a.s.


The band Chinaski

“In the past, Chinaski supported many charity organizations and foundations with their activities and concerts. Frequent discussions about real and thus efficient help led the band to the idea of channelling their efforts in a single direction and becoming patrons of the Tereza Maxová Foundation. We now have the certainty that our activities support a foundation that helps those who need it most by all means available: abandoned and disadvantaged children. We hope we will be able to contribute to the work of the foundation.”

Marek Eben

“Today there is a wide range of foundations and charitable organizations, so one naturally chooses with whom he will cooperate and how the different foundations work. And I believe that the Tereza Maxová Foundation works very well and that it’s no accident that the latest research shows that 97% of Czech citizens trust it. I would say that this is a very high level of trust and I am very happy to count myself among those 97%. I am happy that I can be here tonight because the money that will be distributed for this region is quite large – this is not some minor assistance, this is real help that is visible somewhere, lasts a long time and is done honestly, so I am very happy that I can be a part of it.”

Iva Frühlingová

“I am really happy about what Tereza is doing in the Czech Republic and I have the feeling that it’s really sincere and that it simply flows from her heart. It’s really easy to sing at events like this.”

Hana Hegerová

“I really like the activities of Mrs. Tereza Maxová, so when I was asked to perform here, I did it and I am very happy to do it. I greatly appreciate what Tereza is doing and I am glad that I can also do my part to contribute a little bit, as they say.”

Karel Holas

“This is already the third year of our cooperation with Tereza Maxová. We’ve performed at many concerts across the country to which sponsors that contribute to the Tereza Maxová Foundation are always invited and I am glad that we have been invited to this project and that we could help these children in some way as the Čechomor band.”

Anna K.

“I really like Terezka Maxová personally, I’ve known her for a long time, I really like her events and I enjoy performing in them because I believe that first of all they are usually beautiful events that have a high standard and I also believe that they have a wonderful mission and that performing in them simply makes sense.”

Richard Krajčo

“We don’t sing too much at charity events, because we have found that not every charity works as it should, but we actually have good experience with Tereza Maxová as it’s not the first time we are performing for her and each year we see results. Also, when we visit children’s homes, those “aunts” tell us who helps them and who does not and Tereza definitely belongs into the first group. So we are happy to perform at her events.”

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