Concert of fulfilled wishes

The Concert of fulfilled wishes is a traditional charitable event of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, which is organized in partnership with the Sense Production agency. The event consists of a selected mix of attractive cultural programs and targeted assistance to abandoned and underprivileged children. The foundation has worked together -- and continues to work together -- with a number of leading artists such as Hana Hegerová, Marek Eben, musical bands Čechomor, Chinaski, Buty, Mig 21, Kryštof, and also Anna K, Ida Kelarová, Iva Frühlingová, Matthew Ruppert, Dan Bárta with the Illustratosphere band, Miroslav Žbirka and others.

The concerts are usually held at pre-Christmas time and they take place in Prague as well as in selected Czech regions (Ostrava, Zlín, Brno). The proceeds from the concerts are distributed in the so called open grant proceedings for the support of projects, programs and activities that bring the improvement of conditions into the lives of children. If a concert is held outside of Prague, in a selected region, then the proceeds are used for the support of local children and improvement of the situation in the given region. We thank all partners for their support.

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