Tereza Maxová

Tereza Maxová was born on 31 August 1971 in Pardubice. In 1975 she had moved, together with her family, to Ústí nad Labem where she finished her basic school focussed on sport and athletics in 1985. After passing her entrance exams she started her studies at the Grammar School (gymnázium) Budějovická in Prague. After her school leaving exam in 1989 she was enrolled by the Faculty of Law of Charles University.

Having in mind travelling and getting new experience she took part in the modelling competition organized by a French modelling agency. She was seventeen years old and it was still the era of communism. Her professional career started in 1989, when shortly after the Velvet Revolution she had left for Paris.

Tereza has always been an ideal model. „ It was not only her fascinating appearance which made her the “face“ of the 1990s. Photographers and stylists who had been working with her for years always very appreciated her professional approach, energy and resolution,“ says Juergen Wagner from the Next Models Agency. She cooperated with nearly all great photographers, from Patrik Demarchelier to Mario Testino and Peter Lindberg.

Her face was on the cover of British Vogue, as well as on front pages of Elle, Marie Claire and Glamour. She walked on all significant fashion show stages – Dior, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, YSL and Ralph Lauren and has became the „face“ of advertising campaigns of brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Donna Karan, Hermés, La Perla, Vichy and L´Oreal.

Even on top of her career she did not lose contact with the real world. Her visit of a Prague infant home in 1996 has changed in a long-term help to abandoned children. Nowadays, the Tereza Maxová Foundation has patronage over 24,000 children growing up in institutional care in the Czech Republic and over a great many children placed in socially weak biological families and substitute families.

Tereza Maxová, mother of three children (Tobias Joshua *2000, Mína *2009 & Aiden *2011), had become the „face of two decades“. She has gained this recognition for her incredibly successful career in the fashion industry.

One would expect that after such a long period and astonishing career, establishing a family and nearly twenty years spent in the world of fashion Tereza will slow down her life pace, but the opposite is true. She believes that the best is still awaiting her.

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