Our mission

The main mission of Tereza Maxová Foundation is to enable each child grow up in the family.

Perhaps it appears as a seemingly easy goal, but you should know that more than 24,000 children in the Czech Republic are growing up in institutional care. Thanks to this fact the Czech Republic is ranked among the “top” countries in Europe in the number of children growing up outside of their own family. And our country holds the top spot in Europe in the recalculation of the number of children placed in institutional care (per 100,000 inhabitants), as it is ahead of countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, the Ukraine and others.

In order to be able to help change this unfavorable situation, the activities of the Tereza Maxová Foundation are focused on the following three pillars of support:

  1. Prevention of unnecessary removal of a child from its family. We believe that children fare the best in their own biological families, which is why we offer specific assistance to endangered families via professional non-profit organizations. In this area the Foundation provides financial support to non-governmental non-profit organizations that provide consultancy and tailor-made assistance to families in crisis or all sorts of therapies etc
  2. Support of the substitute family care. If the prevention mechanisms fail and the child is taken out of the family environment, then we strive for the considerable shortening of his or her stay in institutional care. By supporting the extension of all forms of alternative family care and the professionalization of foster care, we strive to secure safety and the loving arms of a foster mother and father as fast as possible for the child.
  3. Compensation for the insufficiencies of instituonal care is an area where the Foundation gives direct individual support to children and young people growing up outside of their family with primary focus on investments in their education and preparation for their independent life after leaving the institution.

The foundation’s purpose is all-around support and assistance to underprivileged and abandoned children with the goal of making a healthy and safe life in a family environment possible for them.

The foundation’s goal is to decrease the number of children growing up in institutional care in the CR via the financial support of all activities that contribute to the effective fulfillment of the foundation’s goals and that are in accordance with its statutes.

Thank you for your interest. Even that can change a lot.

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