CTP Fund: Helping the families with education


24. 3. 2021

One year into the pandemic, some single parents or disadvantaged families still struggle with a lack of technical equipment for online schooling or, for example, with insufficient support in the form of tutoring. If you are such a parent, do not hesitate to contact the Tereza Maxová Foundation. We can support various educational activities or needs within our CTP Fund.
Last year alone, we have distributed almost one million crowns from the CTP Fund, covering costs of laptops, school supplies, school and kindergartens payments, past-time activities, summer camps and other costs relating to the overall development of children. The total help granted from March 2020 to the present day has exceeded the amount of 1.8 million crowns. 
Who can apply:
Families (complete families, single parents and surrogate families) whose child is entitled to child benefits payments.
The application is submitted by the child's legal representative.
What can we support:
• tutoring
• material equipment for education
• educational activities
• training courses
• dormitory accommodation
• school commuting costs
• tuition
• psychological support, mentoring
• trips and stays organized by school
• other activities related to the development of the child's potential
The maximum amount of the contribution is CZK 50,000 / school year, of which a maximum of CZK 10,000 can support past-time activities. 

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