Our #CovidHelp


21. 11. 2020

CovidHelp: we support children in distance learning, we help children's care facilities, foster families and parents in need
We continue to stand by disadvantaged children and families in need.
"It's a wonderful feeling to know that there's someone out there who wants to help you in every situation, and we appreciate it very much. Sincere thanks to the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children," says Jana Frühaufová, director of the Uherský Ostroh children's care home.
From March until now:
- we provided disadvantaged children with equipment for distance education - we donated laptops, printers and other appliances
- we help with a smooth transition to distance learning and overcoming educational disabilities - we have contributed to tutoring and other extra-curriculum education
- we support families in a difficult financial situation - from the Crisis Fund, we support who are at risk of taking children due to poverty
- we help institutional facilities to cope with the coronavirus epidemic - we have donated protective aids, PPE and disinfectants for children's care homes and shelter homes for mothers with children
- we help mothers in financial need - we provided single mothers in shelter homes with food packages
- we help to overcome the loss of financial income due to the coronavirus crisis - we supported a socially disadvantaged student who cannot cover his educational costs
From March until the end of October 2020, we have distributed almost 6 million Czech Crowns of the #CovidHelp.
We would like to sincerely thank all donors led by ING Bank, CTP, ŠKODA AUTO and all individual donors. 

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