Celebrating the International Children's Day

Added 2. 7. 2015

On the occasion of International Children's Day, children from several orphanages enjoyed great events organized for them by ŠKODA AUTO and AC Sparta Praha. The whole day was marked by celebrations! We have visited the children's care home in Krnsko while kids from other four orphanages visited the AC Sparta Praha football stadium. The leading Czech sport club offered them a tour of the stadium facilities, the children had an opportunity to learn details about the life of footballers and people working for the club - custodians, sports masseur, lawn-maker and others. Watch a short video here: Both groups of children later met in the National Technical Museum for a programme organized by our partner ŠKODA AUTO. 100 children from 5 care homes had an opportunity to meet the foundation's patron, Tereza Maxová and actively explore the museum’s workshops. Tereza says: "Children's Day is an opportunity to give all children a feeling of being accepted and embraced. Considering the foundation’s objective, we aimed to provide this experience for those who need it the most - abandoned children. Besides entertainment, the event was also an opportunity to learn and discover and find and inspiration for a future career. It's an amazing thing to see those moments when you steer an excitement and interest for new things in the kids.” Watch a short video here: Terezie Sverdlinová, Tereza Maxová Foundation director, continues: "With our partners, we wanted to celebrate the Children's Day in a way that is fun, interesting and educational at the same time. We have been collaborating with ŠKODA AUTO on the project "Rozjedu to!" It encourages and provides better education for disadvantaged children aged 11-15 years and aims to helping them to find their potential and choose a career. With help mentors, trained educators and psychologists, the project motivates children and promotes personal development. Hence the celebration that offers them an opportunity to learn and enjoy themselves. We hope they had great time. " We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all partners involved in this event, namely ŠKODA AUTO as, National Technical Museum, C & B Group Inc., AC Sparta Praha, Smilebox & Sweetlife. Thank you for making this great day happen!

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CELEBRATING 10 years of collaboration with the ING Bank

Added 16. 6. 2015

We are delighted that we can celebrate the 10th anniversary of our collaboration with the ING Bank Czech Republic! We are very grateful for the support of the bank's management, employees and business partners.

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Added 2. 6. 2015

We would like to thank the Emirates Airlines for their continuous support - the traditional Emirates Golf Tournament was another opportunity to help a good cause. Total charitable proceeds from the event – coming from the players’ registration fees and charity collection, yielded an amazing amount of CZK 94,200! Half of this amount will support the Journey from Hell project - an on-going therapy program provided to the abused children by the Children's Crisis Centre, the other half will help to run a volunteering program at the Infants’ Centre in Prague.

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Fashion for good cause

Added 15. 5. 2015

The TOMS shoe brand has teamed up with the Elle Czech magazine, to adapt their philanthropy programme to the Czech environment. Four Czech fashion icons are ambassadors of four limited edition models, each supporting one local nonprofit organization. Brighten up your summer with a pair of TOMS espadrilles and support the Tereza Maxová Foundation with topmodel Linda Vojtová. Thank you very much! Find more information in the June issue of the ELLE (Czech) or visit:

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TERIBEAR is the Star of 3D Advertising

Added 15. 5. 2015

We are very happy to announce that the silk scarf, created by the leading Czech designer Klara Nademlýnská for our TERIBEAR fundraising project, has succeeded in the Star of 3D Advertising Awards. TERIBEAR scarf won two second positions - in the"Advertising Textiles" category and in the "Management Gift" category. Sincere thanks to the professionals from the 3D Advertising Association who organize the contest.

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Malý pán (The Little Sir) will support our Foundation

Added 27. 4. 2015

Malý pán (The Little Sir) is a new Czech stop-motion film directed by Radek Beran of the Cakes and Puppets theatre. It opens in the Czech Republic on May, 14th. We are happy to announce a cause related marketing collaboration that is unique in the history of the Czech cinema. 1 CZK from every sold ticket will support the good cause, helping mothers who live in shelter homes with their children. Sincere thanks to the creators!

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The North Pole expedition aimed to support charity

Added 19. 4. 2015

Tereza Maxová‘s life partner Burak has travelled to Arctic for polar expedition. The expedition aimed not only to conquer the North Pole but also raise awareness and support good cause – the Tereza Maxová Foundation and the Eimsende helping disadvantaged children in Istanbul. They brought along the TERIBEAR – the teddy bear mascot of our fundraising project helping and promoting foster care in the Czech Republic.

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ING Bank Fund of the Tereza Maxová funding

Added 2. 4. 2015

Dear friends, we would like to inform you that the ING Bank Fund of the Tereza Maxová Foundation ( has approved funding in the total amount of CZK 720,018 at this year’s first deadline meeting. The funding will support 65 applicants, specifically: 38 foster families 25 projects of organizations, NGOs or institutions for childcare 2 students from orphanages or foster care The projects were selected and approved by the joint committee of the Tereza Maxová Foundation and ING Bank Czech Republic. We are honoured that ING Bank has been our partner in the programme since 2005. The fund aims to support education, and nurture talent and potential among children and young people from institutional or foster care. Good luck to all supported projects! Tereza Maxová Foundation team

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Meeting with the main donor from the Opera Ball auction

Added 27. 3. 2015

Patron of our foundation, Mrs. Tereza Maxová, met with Mr. Nádvorník to thank him personally for his generous contribution on the occasion of the Opera Ball. He paid one million crowns for Mika Häkkinen’s racing overall in the charity auction. He also auctioned a painting, which he accepted from the auction house director, Mrs. Mária Gálová, during the meeting. The Opera Ball charity auction raised the amount of 2,303,000 CZK (equivalent of USD 90,000) to support students from orphanages and also mothers in shelter homes. Sincere thanks to all kind bidders and donators!

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Support from Dominik Hašek

Added 25. 3. 2015

We are delighted that the legendary hockey champion Dominik Hašek now supports the Tereza Maxová Foundation. Apart from donating through his SMARTY Drink company, he has also decided to donate part of the proceeds from the sale of his commemorative medals to good cause. Silver medals that were issued to celebrate his milestone birthday can be purchased from the Czech Mint. Our sincere thanks to Dominik Hašek for his trust and support, big thanks to everyone who will donate though purchasing the unique collectable medals.

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Visit to the Centre for the Foster Care

Added 24. 3. 2015

Together with the foundation team, Tereza Maxová visited Středisko náhradní rodinné péče - Center for the Foster Care. Since 1994, center’s dedicated team has been addressing problems of children growing up outside their own family and Tereza Maxova Foundation proudly provides financial support on a long-term basis. For example, we support the online portal which helps to spread comprehensive information and provide guidance to everyone interested in adoption and foster care.

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Smarty DRINK supported two students

Added 17. 3. 2015

Our sincere thanks to Smarty DRINK brand for donating 10.000, - CZK to young people from foster families. Thanks to this donation, we could help two young students with their education. Nikola, student gastronomy and tourism, could attend a barista training while high school student Matěj could get a notebook that he needs for his studies.

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Jarmark supported moms from shelter house

Added 16. 3. 2015

Jarmark is traditional bazaar and community event organized by one of the biggest daily newspapers in the Czech nRepublic. It provides opportunity to catch some great bargains but also support the good cause – proceeds from the admission fees and charity auction always aim to support a specific cause through the Tereza Maxová Foundation. 14th Jarmark OnaDnes in March raised 104.024, - CZK. Thanks to this donation, we are now able to support two moms from a shelter house to find a new home for them and their children.

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Prague Opera Ball raised fantastic amount in the charity auction

Added 9. 2. 2015

Prague Opera Ball 2015 raised a record amount of CZK 2,303,000 in the charity auction. F1 champion Mika Häkkinen attended personally and donated his racing suit which went for an incredible one million CZK. Through Tereza Maxová Foundation, the whole auction proceeds will be divided among 40 students from orphanages to cover their tuition costs and will also support mothers in shelter homes.

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VISA Europe donated another CZK 150,000

Added 5. 2. 2015

Mrs. Tereza Maxová, patron of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, accepts a check for CZK 150,000, which was donated by Visa Europe. This amount was raised within frameworks of the Shopping with Ona Dnes campaign organized by MAFRA publishing house. VISA Europe kindly donated for every person who used VISA card during the week-long campaign of special offers. The donation will support our MADE BY project aiming to increase financial literacy in mothers living in shelter homes and often struggling to make ends meet.

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