Easter in shelter homes


14. 4. 2020

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, this Easter holiday was somewhat unusual and left most of us worried about the future. We have decided to bring a little joy to those who need it the most.

Mothers and children from five shelter homes involved in our MADE BY project enjoyed a little more festive Easter this year thanks to the special food packages. They enriched their holidays with items they normally couldn't afford, such as fresh fruit and other quality foods. Thanks to the packages from the foundation, they baked Easter cakes and cooked delicious meals. They could enjoy a holiday a little more festive than they could usually afford. After paying their rent and basic items, they are left with just a few hundred crowns to feed their family for a month. The gift brought joy on both sides - the mothers received something they did not expect, and we could meaningfully help and thank them for the face masks they sewn during the epidemic. Children were the happiest - and that fills our hearts with joy.

The MADE BY project returns the hope of a stable and safe home to mothers living in shelter homes. One of their common problems is the unstable financial situation or debts. The main aim of the project is therefore to increase the financial literacy of shelter home clients. In the form of regular seminars, women receive practical tips and advice on how to control their finances or how to deal with debts. In parallel with the theory, there is also a practical part where women learn to handcraft and sew various products (pendants, ecological shopping bags, etc.) and gain new experience.

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