New DMS campaign in the streets of Prague

Added 24. 9. 2012

Dear friends, we would like to share with you our new DMS (donor mobile phone message) campaign which you can now see, thanks to JC Decaux, at the citylight posters in Prague. We also want to thank Marcel Gonzalez Ortiz who shot the pictures for the campaign for our foundation for free.

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The 6th "Fair" (Jarmark) of the portal supported young boy in studies

Added 10. 9. 2012

The 6th "Fair" (Jarmark) of the OnaDnes portal took place on Saturday, 8 September 2012 at Výstaviště Praha (Exhibition Area Prague). As well as the past Fairs also this one was dedicated to charity alongside fashion and meetings. This time we were collecting funds for a 14-year old František from the Lipová u Šluknova Children's Home. His dream is dance which he wants to study; he starts studying the Prague Conservatory this year.

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Start of the cooperation with Hotel President

Added 20. 8. 2012

We would like to share with you the latest news, which is a start of our cooperation with the President Hotel. The core principle of the cooperation is the extra charge of CZK 15 on the guests' final bills. The guests may decline this extra charge or increase it. The collected funds will be used to help specific children in line with all three main support directions of the foundation. We want to thank the President Hotel and we look forward to our cooperation.

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Thanks to beauty Contest Czech Miss

Added 20. 8. 2012

We are delighted that The Czech Miss 2012 (Česká Miss 2012), Tereza Chlebovská, and The Czech Miss World 2012 (Česká Miss World 2012), Linda Bartošová, support our foundation. Here they shot some pictures with Teribear bags for our foundation. Thank you!

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Emirates Czech Republic once again supported the Foundation

Added 17. 8. 2012

We would herewith like to thank the Emirates Czech Republic that regularly support our foundation as part of their activities. It was also the case at the Summer Party that took place on Thursday, 16 August 2012 in the Podolka Restaurant. The collected funds from the lottery tickets amounted to CZK 19,540. These funds will be put into the specially established so-called ‘Crisis Fund’. This fund provides flexibility to the foundation to help families that face a risk of having their children placed in an institution. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to a further cooperation!

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Thanks to company Reticulum a.s. for their support

Added 2. 7. 2012

We would herewith like to thank Reticulum for the cooperation that started in 2011. The main purpose of the cooperation is to support young people from children’s homes in developing their English language skills. As last year, Reticulum will send two young students to Cheltenham in Great Britain for a three-week study stay this year. We appreciate this cooperation very much. Thank you! The Tereza Maxová Foundation Team

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Children´s day with Accenture

Added 1. 6. 2012

The Foundation organized again a children’s day for almost 90 children in cooperation with Accenture and their employees. In Sokolovna in the town of Průhonice, there was a rich program prepared for children from children’s homes in Žatec, Dlažkovice and Husita Dubenec. At individual posts the children could try various activities and practice skills from lacrosse, football (soccer) or dance under the supervision of popular sportsmen/women and volunteers from Accenture. The patroness of the Foundation, Tereza Maxová, was present at the event and awarded real medals to the children at the end of the event. The children’s day underlined with a topic of “Sports Games” is one of the many charity activities supported by Accenture. Thank you for a beautiful afternoon!

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Thanks to Starbucks Coffee for their support

Added 25. 5. 2012

We want to thank kindly AmRest Coffee that operate the Starbucks Coffee cafés for their support of the Fair (‘Jarmark’) of the OnaDnes portal, which took place on Saturday, 19 May 2012 in Prague. The visitors of the Fair (‘Jarmark’) could buy refreshing drinks at a Starbucks stand for a special price and thus support our foundation. The total collection amounted to the fascinating CZK 18,000. Thank you very much for your support!!!

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Fair of once again supported the Tereza Maxová Foundation

Added 19. 5. 2012

We herewith want to thank all that attended the 5th Fair (‘Jarmark’) of the OnaDnes portal and supported our Foundation in this way. The total collection amounts to CZK 30,106 (out of this CZK 18,000 is a gain from the sale of Starbucks drinks at the Fair). Thank you all for a fantastic support!

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Beauty Contest - Czech Miss 2012 - once again supported the Foundation

Added 2. 4. 2012

The 8th annual beauty contest, which has for a long time supported the charitable activities of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, took place on Saturday, March 31st within the premises of the Karlín Theatre. This year, there was also an opportunity to support a good cause. The patron of the Foundation, Tereza Maxová received from the president of competition, Mrs. Michaela Maláčová, a check in the amount of CZK 200.000. In return, the Foundation team gave M Marketing a special gift as an expression of gratitude - a painting by the children from children's homes. These funds will be specifically dedicated to support the civic association Life Together (Vzájemné soužití) and their project "Give kids a chance." It helps families who find themselves in a difficult situation with which they, at the moment, cannot cope on their own and where the result would be a placement of a child in an institutional care. It is also intended for families whose children have been removed and they are trying to return the children to their care or to strengthen the contact with them. The project is implemented in the northern Moravia region. We would like to thank the entire team of Czech Miss for their long and dedicated support. We greatly appreciate it!

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Tereza Maxová introduced the Edition Opening to the media

Added 1. 3. 2012

The new edition called Opening brings a detailed insight into the issue of child protection. It has been published thanks to the support of Tereza Maxova Foundation by PubliCon Agency in cooperation with the civic association Publicist.

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Opera Ball 2012

Added 27. 2. 2012

The Opera Ball in 2012 surpassed the previous record in revenue for charity in the history of this event. Tereza Maxová Foundation earned a record amount of CZK 642 000. The funds will support the project „Under the wings“ which teaches children in children’s homes English language and will also help the abused children currently residing in the care of Children's Crisis Center.

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Happy New Year 2012 from Tereza Maxová Foundation

Added 1. 1. 2012

Dear friends, on behalf of the Tereza Maxová Foundation we would like to wish you all the best (not only) for coming year 2012. Also we would like to thank all our donors, partners and volunteers for their support. We really appreciate it. Team of Tereza Maxová Foundation

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The Prague Hilton hotels supported the project "Under the Wings"

Added 18. 12. 2011

Prague Hilton hotels held on Sunday, December 18, 2011 the traditional Christmas concert during which the Foundation received a check in the amount of CZK 75.000 to support the project „Under the wings.“

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