Visiting the donees – the ING Bank Fund of the Tereza Maxová Foundation

Added 30. 8. 2013

One of the activities of the ING Bank Fund of the Tereza Maxova Foundation that supports education and free time activities of the children growing up in children’s homes or foster care is visiting the donees. One such visit took place on Friday, November 25th in Moravia, specifically in the children’s home in Silesian Ostrava. The Fund covered the costs related to purchase and installation of the ceramics oven. The winter is coming and therefore we wish the children lots of fun at the ceramics shop.

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Lind Czech Republic supports the Foundation

Added 13. 3. 2013

These news are sweet - Lind Czech Republic supports the Tereza Maxová Foundation! During this Easter, you can eat sweets and help: 1 crown from each sold Lindt Gold Bunny will support a volunteer project called Little finger in child center in Prague Krč. On top of that, the company will support the project with an additional one-time donation. Thank you! But what you don’t know yet is that with the gold bunny, you can win a chocolate supply for a year. For more information, please see This is a good deed that also tastes good. 

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Megaton Fashion Show 2012

Added 11. 3. 2013

We would like to thank the fun team from Megaton Production which once again supported the Foundation during the annual graphic act within the music industry. During the ceremony, there was a charity auction at the exhibition prepared by the artists who have graphically adjusted musical instruments.

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Thanks for an unselfish support

Added 11. 3. 2013

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the company Zápůjč, which rents furniture for social events. The company unselfishly provided us with storage space and helped us with transport of TERIBEAR products. Thank you for the help!

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Thanks from the recipients

Added 1. 3. 2013

We have received a letter of thanks from a civic association, the Kolping family in Smečno, which was supported by the total amount of CZK 150 000. We are happy that the devoted and unselfish people from this organization have over the last 20 years helped many families.

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The Opera Ball 2013

Added 22. 1. 2013

For the third time, the Tereza Maxová Foundation was the partner of the 2013 Opera Ball which took place on February 2nd in the State Opera in Prague. Thanks to the charity auction, we were able to support English language projects. This year’s proceedings totaled to CZK 580.000 and will help young talented children, who would like to have a chance to enroll in a college.

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The Prague Hard Rock Café supported the Foundation

Added 15. 1. 2013

We would like to kindly thank the Hard Rock Café for the cooperation during the second annual Winter Rockabilly Rumble which brought the Foundation a total amount of CZK 13,640. The funds will be used to support the Volunteering project in Prague Krč.

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Thanks to Prague Hilton hotels

Added 14. 1. 2013

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Prague Hilton hotels for their support. During their Christmas concert, we received a check in the amount of CZK 90,000 which was raised by the sale of charity ducks “Ducks For Change” which can be purchased by Hilton guests at the reception. Thank you!

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Thanks to ICON Prague

Added 8. 1. 2013

Today, we would like to kindly thank the fun team from ICON Prague. In 2012, they organized three charity events (for example bike trip from Prague to Dresden) and raised a total of CZK 36,823. We are grateful for this kind of help.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Added 21. 12. 2012

Dear friends, on behalf of the Tereza Maxová Foundation we would like to wish a Merry Christmas and all the best (not only) for coming year 2013. Also we would like to thank all our donors, partners and volunteers for their support. We really appreciate it. Team of Tereza Maxová Foundation

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Added 19. 12. 2012

A wonderful message came from the fair organized by Donors, enlightened by the Christmas mood, once again broke the record and the charity collection brought the Foundation CZK 45,031!!!!! Additional CZK 19,862 was raised from Starbucks coffee sales.

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The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra’s 5th Year in Prague

Added 11. 12. 2012

As another year draws to an end, The 10/11 Group once again supports our foundation with this exciting concert/benefit event: THE WORLD FAMOUS GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA, an EVENING of SWING and ELEGANCE This event combines the great timeless live music and performance of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the elegance of these classic venues and makes a wonderful Christmas present for family, friends and the good people working with NTMd. There will be 4 shows all together: Thursday 10th of January at 5 and 8 pm in Olomouc and Saturday 12th of January at 5 and 8 pm in Prague We thank all for their support! Team of Tereza Maxová Foundation

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The employees of Orsay and the children in the Children’s Home Mašťov were saying good-bye to holidays

Added 2. 10. 2012

The company Orsay took the Children’s Home Mašťov under their patronage in 2010 upon the recommendation of the Tereza Maxová Foundation. Orsay supports the children’s home not only financially, but also through material gifts and experiences. The employees make voluntary donations throughout the year; the collected money is then sent directly to this children’s home to pay for things they are missing, for instance stays in the mountains or purchase of sports equipment. Beside financial contributions the employees organize once a year a special day for the children dedicated just to them. Similarly, it was also this year when this day fell on 1 September; therefore, the whole event was held in the spirit of a holiday farewell party.

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A new collection of the 2013 TERIBEAR calendars and diaries

Added 1. 10. 2012

Also this year, the Tereza Maxová Foundation prepared a TERIBEAR charity collection in cooperation with our partners.

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The patroness of the Foundation received an „Influential Czech Woman Abroad“ award

Added 25. 9. 2012

Our patroness, Tereza Maxová, received on Tuesday, 25 September 2012 a prestigious „Influential Czech Woman Abroad“ award as an appreciation of her long-term charity activities and involvement. The awards are given by the International Coordinating Committee of the Czechs Living Abroad and they were granted only five times since 2003 when the award came to its existence.

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