Helping children impacted by domestic violence

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18. 10. 2021

Every tenth child in the Czech Republic is at the epicentre of domestic violence but is sometimes unable to reach professional help in time. A sad reality that got worse during the lockdown.

Thanks to the long-term cooperation with CTP company, we are successfully boosted expert help for families impacted by domestic violence in the regions of the Czech Republic. For example, last year we helped to expand services in the Moravian-Silesian region, primarily in Ostrava. Together with the Spiral NGO, we have also created new opportunities for help in Ústí nad Labem, in the North-Bohemian Region.

We want to congratulate the Centre for Social Services based in Ostrava for the recognition of their project Nechte dětem dětství (Let the Children Be Children). The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic awarded the project 1st place in the national competition for the Best Crime Prevention Project at the Local Level for 2021 (crime prevention during the pandemic).

Our sincere thanks to CTP and Carolien Vos, who, together with our founder Tereza, have taken this topic to their heart.

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