How it all started

The year is 1996. I am about to enter an orphanage in Prague 4, unaware of what I would be confronted with and the emotions that would be triggered once I was exposed to the tragic lives of the children I would meet.

I have been very fortunate in my life, having achieved success in my career at an early age and having always been surrounded by a loving and caring family. Why is that the case and why do these children not have this love? Why do some children have to suffer for the irresponsible actions of their parents for the rest of their lives?




TERIBEAR 2019: Whom did we help?

In ten days, 20,736 people registered for the event, raising an incredible amount of CZK 12...


TERIBEAR charity happening 2020

Responding to the current situation, we are reinventing our event in its sixth year of running...


Special coronavirus aid of more than CZK 3.6 million

We distributed special coronavirus aid to children care facilities, shelter homes and foster...


Have a beautiful May!

Distance is a test how far love can travel.


Easter in shelter homes

Our gifted festive food packages enriched holiday time for mothers in the shelter homes...


Computers for children care homes

Company CTP Invest donated laptops for kids who cannot go to school under coronavirus lockdown...


Crisis Fund of Help

Families in a difficult social situation need our help, now more than ever.

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Limited hours in the office

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, the limited operation will be introduced in the foundation's...


Friends in need

In times of coronavirus, many people use what they do best to help others


Bříza & Trubač offers coronavirus legal advice to disadvantaged young people

The legal expert in the project To dáš!, the law firm Bříza & Trubač offers coronavirus related...

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